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The Roth Family

Roth Farms was created in 1948. Rick Roth, now owner of Roth Farms, kept the tradition going after his father passed away in 1986. Rick's father, Ray Roth, moved to Belle Glade around 1948 and began farming. Ray joined Sam Knight and Sam Center where they took their leafy vegetables and radishes to Lake Shore Grower Cooperative. After a Cuban family's plans to buy land were destroyed by Castro in 1962, Ray, Fritz Stein, Sam Knight, and Dr. Clarents Kidder purchased 10,000-plus acres of land known as "Gladeview." In this same year, Roth Farms grew it's first sugar cane crop as founding members of Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida.

  In 1985, Rick Roth became President of the Western Palm Beach County Farm Bureau. His father, Ray, later passed away in 1986. Rick had a tradition to continue on even when people tried to stop him. In 1986, Rick was asked to replace his father as an FFVA board member, and so he did. In 1987, Rick served as Vice President for 10 years as a Florida Farm Bureau's board director. 

  Today Rick has a joint venture with Buddy McKinstry known as JEM-Roth, growing sweet corn and green beans. Rick later fulfilled his goal of building a packing house in 2007 naming it "Ray's Heritage" in honor of his father.

   Rick's son, Ryan Roth, has joined his father in the family business where he is currently the Vice President of Roth Farms. 

Ryan & Rick Roth